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How an Administrative Booking Works in Pierce County Superior Court in and for the State of Washington

Often a defendant will have to be administratively booked. This is the process where the defendant goes to the jail, is processed and then released. This can be a lengthy process, but if you are being administratively booked you will be released.

  1. Bring picture ID. The Jail will not take you, unless you have picture identification.
  2. Bring a copy of your conditions of release. Bring a copy of the document that says you have to be administratively booked.
  3. Go to: 701 Nollmeyer Lane, Tacoma, Washington 98402. At the bottom of Nollmeyer lane, turn left, walk up the ramp to the "release" window, or follow the sidewalk to the right outside of the 2nd floor Entrance of the County City Building across the parking lot on the left. If you have problems you can call (253)798-4590.

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