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Infraction Contract

This Fee Contract is entered into by and between _______________________ (“Client”) and Kenneth W. Blanford, (“Attorney”).

1. Scope and Duties: Client hires Attorney to provide basic legal services in connection with a civil traffic infraction for the amount of ($_____.00, charge dependent upon County in which infraction is received) on the following conditions:

2. Fees: Blanford Law only charges flat fees for defending traffic infractions. The fee is based upon the charges (s) involved, the specific court and other factors. The fee quoted in this case is $250. Blanford Law agrees to provide, for a flat fee of ($_____.00, charge dependent upon County in which infraction is received), the following service, only: 

• To act as your legal representative on the above referenced infraction
• Enter a Notice of Appearance and Request for Discovery for you
• Represent you at any contested hearing (s) in the above noted court for the traffic infraction

3. Limitations: This representation and its flat fee does not include any other related legal services, including, but not limited to: Appeals of contested hearings to Superior Court, Related Insurance disputes, Department of Licensing hearings, Damage claims arising out of this traffic matter.

4. Work Begins: The responsibility to provide legal services will be accepted and work will begin when the Attorney receives the agreed amount by the dates determined. If Client fails to accept these terms, Attorney may withdraw per this agreement

5. Reasonable Fees: Washington Rule of Professional Conduct require that the total fee in this matter shall be reasonable according to prevailing professional norms in this area. Client has had the opportunity to consult with other attorneys for rates and finds the fee structure to be reasonable. Client is entitled to a reimbursement of any amount that it unreasonable under this agreement.

6. Expert fee: Client acknowledges and understands that if any experts are required for hearings, the client is responsible for the cost of the expert.

7. NSF Checks: There will be a $50.00 charge for all Non-Sufficient Fund Checks.

8. Discharge and Withdrawal: The Client may discharge Attorney at any time. In the event of termination of this Agreement by Client, it is understood and agreed that all charges and costs previously incurred will immediately be billed at the rate of $250/hour up to, but no more than, the agreed flat fee amount. Attorney will withdraw upon resolution of the case or per RPC 1.5 and 1.15.

9. This flat fee is not a pre-payment of any court fines or costs, which might be ordered. The flat fee is not a guarantee that your ticket will be dismissed or that the infractions (s) will not go onto your driving record. The flat fee shall be paid prior to our office filing a notice of appearance or request for discovery for you. Upon Receipt by Blanford Law all of the flat fee are the property of Blanford Law and these funds will not be placed in our trust account. The fact that you have paid a flat fee does not affect your right to terminate the attorney-client relationship. In the event this relationship is terminated before the agreed-upon legal services have been completed, you may be entitled to a refund of a portion of the fee.

10. Notice of Court Operation: Client acknowledges and understands that Attorney has no control of over court operations and that court delays due to weather or other emergency.

11. Disclaimer of Guarantee: Nothing in this contract and nothing in the Attorney’s statements will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of the Client’s case. While the Attorney may render an opinion as to the success or weaknesses of the case, the Attorney makes no such promise or guarantee on the case.


I have been provided a copy of this written fee agreement and agree to hire Blanford Law for the agreed flat fee of ($_____.00, charge dependent upon County in which infraction is received) to be my legal representative as discussed above.


Dated this _______________ day of ____________ 201_.

Client _________________________ (PRINT) _________________________ SIGN)