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Alternative to Confinement Program (ATC) – Jail Alternative in Pierce County Superior Court

The ATC program is a jail alternative for people convicted of drug and alcohol-related offenses. The ATC program provides substance abuse assessment, drug and alcohol testing, reporting case management and outpatient treatment. Clients are matched to the local treatment needed and monitored for compliance. Defendants sentenced to the ATC program serve their time in the program as opposed to in custody. Only defendants with felonies with time of less than one year are eligible for the ATC program. The sentencing judge decides whether ATC is appropriate at sentencing. Applicants must be prescreened before they enter the ATC program. 

Pierce County Alliance BuildingThe alternative to confinement facility is located four blocks north of the courthouse at 510 Tacoma Ave. South. It is located in the Pierce County Alliance Building. The phone number is 253-502-5419. The program used to be known as breaking the cycle. (BTC). Those sentenced to ATC are taken into custody, and released to the ATC program. The ATC program only picks up on Wednesday morning. When you first report to ATC you will fill out enrollment paper work and be scheduled for an orientation. You will be asked to provide a urine sample at that time. Following your scheduled orientation you will meet with the case manager to discuss your treatment needs, which may include a scheduled formal assessment. This process can take over two hours. You will also be placed on a weekly random urine-testing program.

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