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  1. Where is the Pierce County Superior Court?

    The Pierce County Superior Court is located at the Pierce County/City Building. The address is: 930 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma WA 98402.
  2. How do I enter the building?

    There are two entrances to the County/City Building. One is on the first floor off of Tacoma Avenue. The second entrance is on the second floor, down the alley from Yakima Street. Regardless of which entrance you choose, you will be required to go through a security screening. It will take some time to get through security, so always budget “extra time” so you will not be late for court. You may want to allow at least an extra 30 minutes to get through security.
  3. Why are there three screening lines and which should I use?

    There are three screening lines, express, general, and assistance. The express line is for people who do not have hand-carried items. The general line is for people that have hand carried items. The assistance line is the Americans With Disability Act line. Choose the appropriate line.
  4. What things are prohibited from going through security?

    Firearms, ammunition, flare guns, replicas of guns, gun lighters, items capable of launching a projectile capable of serious bodily injury, knives, swords, edged weapons, pocket knifes, shanks, razors, bows, arrows, other sharp objects capable of causing serious injury, bats, clubs, pool cues, fighting knuckles, martial arts weapons, nights sticks, batons, axes, hatchets, whips, other items capable of causing serious bodily harm, blasting caps, dynamite, plastic explosives or any other explosive compounds, improvised explosive devices, fireworks, flares, hand grenade, gasoline, flammable liquids, hazardous materials, tear gas, self defense sprays, stun guns, hand cuffs or hand cuff keys are all prohibited.
  5. Do not wear law enforcement attire if not law enforcement.

    Law enforcement uniforms, insignia, badges or emblems may not be worn or displayed by a person who is not a commissioned law enforcement officer in such a manner that constitutes a violation of RCW 9A-60.045.
  6. Do not bring illegal substances into the court house.

    Also please remember you will be going through security at the County City Building. You will be searched it would not be a good idea to have anything on your person that could get you charged with a crime.

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