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Q: Where should I send the mail?

A: The mail must be sent to 910 Tacoma Ave. S., Tacoma WA 98402. The mail should be addressed in the following fashion:

(Inmate’s Full Name)
Defendants Booking Number
910 Tacoma Ave. S.
Tacoma, WA 98402

Q: Does anything else have to be on the envelope?

A: You must put your return address on the envelope.

Q: What are acceptable items to be sent to inmates?

A: letters, money orders, cashier’s checks (inmate accounts are not to exceed $400), photographs, newspaper clippings, written documents forwarded for signature and legal mail between attorney or court and inmate. New paperback books or magazines may be shipped directly from the publisher, distributor, bookstore or internet bookseller, They may not be sent directly from an individual. Limit 3 at one time. No hardback or used books, magazines, spiral-bound books or literature allowed.

Q: What is prohibited from inmate mail

A: The following are not allowed in inmate mail:

  1. Address labels / stickers / post-it notes
  2. Blank cards, paper, and postcards Cash or personal checks
  3. Stamps, stamped items, paper, envelopes. Inmates must purchase from commissary.
  4. Bubble wrap /cardboard / coupons and gambling items
  5. No color paper or envelopes (white paper only) or on greeting cards
  6. Excessive puzzle or coloring pages (limit 10 per envelope)
  7. Food items
  8. Glued items, glitter, gel pens, metallic ink, confetti, excessive ink, marker or paint
  9. Racist or other inflammatory materials, including gang symbols and hand gestures
  10. Sexually explicit materials; nude/semi-nude photos, including babies and children
  11. Unauthorized inmate to inmate correspondence
  12. Lipstick, perfume, cologne, or scented items
  13. Polaroid pictures with backings
  14. String, ribbon, confetti, white out, tape (clear tape only)
  15. Plastic, laminated items, metal items, paper clips, staples, metal clasps
  16. Tobacco or tobacco products
  17. Unknown substances on paper, envelopes, photos, foil, foil-lined envelopes
  18. Unsigned, incomplete or altered money orders.
  19. Laminated items, musical cards, manila envelopes, Tyvek envelopes
  20. 3-book limit exceeded