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Yes a trial court has discretion regarding the forfeiture of bail bonds.  A trial court’s decision on forfeiture of bail will be overturned only upon a showing of abuse of discretion. State v. O’Day, 36 Wn.2d 146, 159, 216 P.2d 732 (1950); State v. Molina, 8 Wn. App. 551, 507 P.2d 909 (1973). A trial court abuses its discretion only when its exercise of discretion is manifestly unreasonable or based upon untenable grounds or reasons. State v. Hampton, 107 Wn.2d 403, 408-409, 728 P.2d 1049 (1986) (superseded by statute on other grounds); Davis v. Globe Mach. Mfg. Co., 102 Wn.2d 68, 77, 684 P.2d 692 (1984).

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