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SCORE County Jail (South Correctional Entity) is a regionally owned jail in Des Moines, Washington serving the confinement needs of 6 Member Cities and a number of contract agencies with a total capacity of 802 inmates.

The SCORE Jail is located at: 20817 17th Ave S, Des Moines, WA 98198.  The SCORE jail warns that directions through GPS will be wrong.  The SCORE jail suggests you use the following directions:

You can check the SCORE County jail roster here:

You can call the SCORE jail at 206-257-6200.

Their vision is to protect the public by providing secure, humane housing for inmates. They strive to provide the best correction services in Washington State.


All persons and packages are subject to search upon entry. Failure to consent or submit to inspection will result in denial of entry.

For on-site Bail Posting or Rides, please press the intercom button on the post at the entrance.

After normal business hours, SCORE Corrections Officers remain on duty to assist.

You can learn about accessing Public Records here.

If you or someone you know requires legal assistance for a DUI or alcohol offenses, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Personal Injury or Traffic Infractions, please contact us anytime.