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An Ignition Interlock Driver License (IIL) allows you to drive legally while your regular license is suspended or revoked due to a drug or alcohol-related offense. If you meet the eligibility criteria, follow these steps to obtain an IIL:

1. Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for an IIL, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Your driving record must show an arrest or conviction related to offenses such as DUI, Reckless Driving, Vehicular Assault, or Vehicular Homicide involving drugs or alcohol.
  • You must have an unexpired Washington (WA) driver license or a valid out-of-state driver license.
  • Your current suspension or revocation must not include Minor in Possession or Habitual Traffic Offender (Suspended 1st degree).

2. If You Don’t Have a WA Driver License

If you don’t already have a WA driver license, you’ll need to obtain one before applying for an IIL. Follow these steps:

  • Obtain a WA driver license if you have a WA residence address. This involves passing required tests and paying the necessary fees.

3. When to Apply

You can apply for an IIL at any time, including after an arrest or revocation hearing. Once you have an IIL, you must maintain an interlock device in the vehicles you drive for the duration of your suspension.

4. Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for an IIL:

  1. Install an Ignition Interlock Device:
    • Install an approved ignition interlock device in your vehicle. The installer will send proof of installation to the Department of Licensing (DOL).
  2. Obtain Proof of Financial Responsibility:
    • Obtain proof of financial responsibility (such as a Certificate of Insurance or SR-22 insurance) from a car insurance agent.
  3. Apply Online:
    • Log in or join the DOL website.
    • Submit a Restricted Driver License Application in English, Español, Русский, or other languages, along with the required fee.
  4. Application Review:
    • The DOL will review your documents and proof of payment.
    • If all documents are received within 30 days, your application will be approved.
    • If any documents are missing, your application will be denied, and you’ll need to reapply and pay the fee again.
    • Ensure you include the application fee; processing cannot proceed without it.
  5. License Issuance:
    • If approved, the DOL will mail your IIL when your license suspension or revocation begins.
    • You only need to pay the application fee once per incident.
    • If your restricted license is effective for less than 45 days, you won’t receive a permanent license card immediately. The DOL will hold your application for 30 days to allow time for any required documents to be submitted.

Remember, an IIL is a temporary solution during your suspension period. Drive responsibly and comply with all requirements to regain your regular driving privileges.

For more details, visit the Washington State Department of Licensing’s IIL page .

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