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Understanding Surety Bonds in Washington: RCW 10.19.150 is a vital law in Washington State that defines the limitations on surety liability, particularly relevant in the world of legal and financial bonds. This statute is integral to understanding the financial responsibilities of sureties.

What is a Surety?

Role and Responsibility of a Surety: It’s essential to comprehend the role of a surety – an individual or organization that guarantees the performance of another party, often through bond issuance, in fulfilling debts or contractual obligations.

The Scope of RCW 10.19.150

Liability Limits for Sureties: This law specifically addresses how the liability of a surety in Washington State is restricted to the bond amount, provided they act within their designated duties. This limitation is crucial in defining the financial extent of a surety’s responsibility.

Implications for Sureties and Obligees

Boundaries of Financial Obligation: RCW 10.19.150 delineates clear boundaries for sureties, safeguarding them from liabilities exceeding the bond’s value. For obligees, it clarifies the extent of compensation or fulfillment they can seek from a surety.

Impact on Commercial and Legal Agreements: The statute plays a significant role in legal and financial transactions that involve bonds. It reassures sureties, thereby facilitating their participation in diverse transactions like construction contracts and bail bonds.


Key Takeaways on Surety Bonds in Washington: RCW 10.19.150 establishes a crucial legal framework in Washington State, capping surety liabilities to bond amounts. This law ensures the smooth operation of various financial and legal activities, making its understanding essential for those engaged in bond-related transactions.

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