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The Oak Harbor Police Department (OHPD) continues its investigation into a hit-and-run incident that occurred on November 21, involving a school bus and a stolen car. This incident was captured by a dash cam installed on an Oak Harbor school bus.

Incident Overview

The collision, which took place at the intersection of Northeast O’Leary Street and East Whidbey Avenue, was recorded by the school bus’s dash camera. The footage shows a car illegally crossing in front of the school bus, resulting in the bus striking the rear of the car. Captain Tony Slowik of the OHPD confirmed that the fault clearly lay with the car driver, who fled the scene immediately after the accident.

Vehicle Recovery and Damage Assessment

Following the crash, the stolen car was discovered abandoned in a nearby city neighborhood, severely damaged and rendered undriveable. The recovery of the vehicle was facilitated by tips from local residents, aiding the police in their ongoing investigation.

Safety and Response

Fortunately, there were no students present on the bus at the time of the accident, and the bus driver remained unharmed. Captain Slowik praised the bus driver’s quick response and ability to maintain a speed below the limit, which contributed to the prevention of further damage or injury. The driver’s prompt reaction time was commended as exemplary.

Public Involvement and Police Action

In an effort to gather more information and locate the stolen car, the OHPD posted the dash cam video on their Facebook page, appealing to the public for assistance. This community involvement played a crucial role in locating the abandoned vehicle.

School Bus Inspection and Repair

The school bus involved in the collision sustained minor damage, primarily to its “stop paddle,” which was broken in the crash. As per standard procedure, the Washington State Patrol conducted a thorough inspection of the bus before it was deemed safe to return to service. This is a routine safety measure whenever a school bus is involved in a collision.

Continued Investigation

The Oak Harbor Police Department continues to investigate the circumstances surrounding the hit-and-run. They are working diligently to identify and apprehend the driver responsible for the collision and the subsequent theft and abandonment of the car.

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