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King and Kittitas counties, located in Washington state, are currently working together to develop a comprehensive safety action plan for the Snoqualmie Pass. This plan is intended to address safety issues on the pass and ensure that travelers can navigate the mountainous terrain safely.

The Snoqualmie Pass is a major thoroughfare connecting the western and eastern parts of Washington state. It is a popular route for both commuters and commercial vehicles, and it sees heavy traffic throughout the year. However, the pass can be treacherous during winter months, when snow and ice can make driving conditions hazardous.

To address safety concerns on the pass, King and Kittitas counties have teamed up to create the Snoqualmie Pass Comprehensive Safety Action Plan. The plan is designed to identify and prioritize safety improvements that can be made to the pass, with the goal of reducing the number of accidents and improving travel times.

One of the key areas of focus for the plan is winter driving conditions. The plan includes strategies for improving snow and ice removal on the pass, as well as increasing public awareness of winter driving safety tips. Additionally, the plan includes measures to improve the design of the pass, such as adding guardrails and improving drainage systems.

Another area of focus for the plan is reducing the number of accidents caused by distracted or impaired driving. The plan includes strategies for educating drivers on the dangers of distracted and impaired driving, as well as increasing enforcement of traffic laws on the pass.

In addition to these specific safety measures, the plan also includes strategies for improving emergency response times on the pass. This includes ensuring that emergency vehicles can quickly and safely reach accident scenes, as well as improving communication between emergency responders and transportation officials.

The Snoqualmie Pass Comprehensive Safety Action Plan is still in the development phase, but it is expected to be implemented in the coming years. By working together, King and Kittitas counties are taking an important step towards improving safety on the pass and ensuring that travelers can reach their destinations safely and efficiently.

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