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SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. — The frequent closure of Interstate 90 due to heavy snowfall has prompted residents of the Snoqualmie Pass area to take action. A local community group is now pushing for increased governmental support and funding to address this recurring issue.

Challenges of a Snow-Prone Highway

Interstate 90, a crucial transport artery, often faces closures during heavy snowfall, disrupting the lives of residents and travelers alike. Jay Wiseman, the fire and rescue chief at Snoqualmie Pass, emphasizes the difficulties faced due to unprepared drivers amidst snowy conditions. His team is often at the forefront, responding to accidents that can bring the interstate to a standstill.

Formation of the Snoqualmie Pass Community Association

In response to these challenges, Seattle firefighter Josh McBride, alongside other local residents, has formed the Snoqualmie Pass Community Association. This group aims to foster better communication during closures and advocate for increased resources and support for the mountain community.

The Impact of Closures

With Snoqualmie Pass recognized as one of the busiest mountain passes in the nation, its closure can have significant consequences. McBride highlights the need for a broader conversation about improving traffic flow over I-90, not just for the 500 residents but for all who travel this route.

A Call for Preparedness

The fire chief underscores the importance of heeding warnings from the state’s Department of Transportation, which may include carrying chains or postponing travel. These measures are crucial for ensuring safety during severe weather conditions.

Advocating for Legislative Support

The community group’s efforts extend to seeking legislative backing. They hope to secure increased funding to support the growing needs of the area, which is vital for both residents and the thousands who travel through Snoqualmie Pass.


The initiatives by the Snoqualmie Pass Community Association represent a significant step towards addressing the frequent closures of I-90. Their actions highlight the importance of community involvement in tackling issues that affect both local residents and the wider public.

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