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NORTH BEND, Wash. — The crucial eastbound lane of Interstate 90 has reopened following a night of multiple crashes and dangerous driving conditions over Snoqualmie Pass. This latest news highlights the unpredictable nature of winter driving in mountainous regions.

Washington State Patrol Trooper’s Narrow Escape

In a striking incident that underscores the risks faced by emergency responders, a Washington State Patrol (WSP) Trooper was injured after his patrol car was hit by another vehicle. This occurred while the trooper was responding to an accident on eastbound I-90 near midnight on Tuesday. Thankfully, the trooper’s injuries were not life-threatening, and he is currently recovering. The incident, involving a driver moving at high speeds, is under investigation for potential impairment.

Multiple Collisions Disrupt I-90

Around 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a significant three-vehicle crash happened at milepost 38, about ten miles east of the earlier incident. The collision, involving a pickup truck and a semi-truck, emphasizes the hazardous conditions prevalent on Snoqualmie Pass. The extent of the injuries is still being assessed.

Winter Driving Warnings from WSP

Trooper Rick Johnson, through a post on X (previously known as Twitter), urged drivers to avoid unnecessary trips and to proceed cautiously: “Take it SLOW!! Treacherous driving right now.” In a statement to KING 5, Johnson highlighted the rapidly changing weather and road conditions along I-90, advising drivers to be prepared for sudden icy patches and slippery spots.

The Complexity of Driving Over Mountain Passes

Johnson’s insights into the ‘micro-climates’ along I-90, where small pockets of drastically different weather can surprise drivers, are particularly crucial. He stresses the importance of being vigilant, especially when driving through these varying climatic zones.

I-90 Reopens, Bringing Relief and a Reminder

The reopening of both eastbound and westbound I-90 is a welcome update for commuters and travelers. Despite the reopening, the sequence of accidents on the pass is a potent reminder of the need for careful and attentive driving during winter months.

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