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Harrowing Truck Accident Near Stampede Pass in Kittitas County

STAMPEDE PASS, Kittitas County — Early Tuesday morning, a dramatic truck accident occurred in Kittitas County’s remote terrain, near the King County border. This incident involved two hunters, Daniel Rosebrook of Granite Falls and 23-year-old Sky Quick from Lake Stevens, who experienced a near-fatal event.

The Terrifying Ordeal on Stampede Pass Road

The accident happened around 9 a.m. on Stampede Pass Road. Rosebrook, behind the wheel, swerved to avoid a pothole, leading to a catastrophic loss of control. The truck tumbled nearly 400 feet down a steep embankment. Miraculously, Rosebrook was ejected early in the fall and, though injured, managed to walk away.

Sky Quick’s Perilous Situation

In contrast, Quick faced a dire situation, trapped in the vehicle until it finally stopped against a tree, sustaining serious injuries. The harsh weather conditions worsened his state, increasing the risk of hypothermia.

Swift Response to the 911 Call

Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office deputies Chuck Berg and Ellis Nale quickly arrived at the scene, finding Rosebrook mobile but Quick in critical condition, urgently needing assistance.

Comprehensive Rescue Effort

The rescue operation was a collaborative effort involving Snoqualmie Pass Fire & Rescue (SPFR), Kittitas County Search and Rescue, Seattle Mountain Rescue, and the KVFR High Angle Rescue team. The challenging landscape made the rescue complex and demanding. An SPFR EMT provided immediate medical care to Quick, while KSAR helped Rosebrook climb back to the road.

Challenging Extraction and Medical Care

Quick’s rescue involved a high-angle rope technique, ensuring his safe ascent in a stokes litter. Both victims were later taken to hospitals for advanced medical care. The truck was completely destroyed in the accident.

Reflecting on the Dangers of Remote Areas

This distressing incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential hazards in Kittitas County’s secluded and mountainous areas. The survival of Rosebrook and Quick highlights the need for caution and readiness in such unpredictable environments.

Concluding Thoughts

The prompt and efficient actions of the rescue teams were pivotal in managing this crisis, showcasing their dedication and professionalism. This story not only narrates a survival saga but also emphasizes the risks associated with remote outdoor activities and the incredible resilience of individuals in the face of life-threatening situations.

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