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Navigating the complexities of legal statutes is crucial for informed citizenship and legal compliance. Among these statutes, RCW 9A.76.080, part of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), plays a significant role. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of RCW 9A.76.080, focusing on its implications, applications, and the responsibilities it entails.

What is RCW 9A.76.080?

RCW 9A.76.080 falls under the category of laws addressing criminal assistance in the state of Washington. It outlines the legal definitions and repercussions of rendering assistance to individuals who have committed a crime. This statute is pivotal in determining the extent to which an individual may be held accountable for aiding or abetting criminal activities.

Key Provisions of RCW 9A.76.080

The statute specifically delineates what constitutes “rendering criminal assistance.” This includes acts such as providing aid to help a criminal evade detection, arrest, trial, or punishment. RCW 9A.76.080 details varying degrees of criminal assistance, categorizing them based on the severity of the underlying crime and the nature of the assistance rendered.

Legal Implications and Penalties

Under RCW 9A.76.080, the penalties for rendering criminal assistance can range from misdemeanor to felony charges, depending on factors like the severity of the original crime and the defendant’s intent and actions. The law serves both as a deterrent against aiding criminal activities and as a means to prosecute those who willfully obstruct justice by assisting offenders.

Case Studies and Interpretations

Analyzing case law and legal interpretations of RCW 9A.76.080 can provide deeper insight into how this statute is applied in real-life scenarios. Various court cases in Washington have set precedents on how the law is interpreted, especially in situations where the line between mere association with a criminal and actively aiding them can be blurred.


RCW 9A.76.080 is a critical element of Washington State’s legal framework, aiming to uphold justice by penalizing those who assist in criminal endeavors. It is essential for residents and legal practitioners in Washington to understand the nuances of this law. This understanding helps in fostering a law-abiding society and ensuring that justice is served fairly and effectively.

You can read the text of RCW 9A.76.080:

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