In the case of Johnson v. Kittitas County, the Court was asked to interpret what jail was the appropriate jail to surrender a defendant was.  The issue is whether a defendant in the Kittitas County jail, but held on matters from other States, could be returned to the Kittitas County Jail.  However, since 2000 the Statute has changed.  In 2017, the legislature changed the statute to read as follows:

            The surety on the bond may return to custody a person in a criminal case under the surety’s bond if the surrender is accompanied by a notice of forfeiture or a notarized affidavit specifying the reasons for the surrender. The surrender shall be made to the county or city jail affiliated with the jurisdiction issuing the warrant resulting in bail. Upon surrender, a person must be held until the next judicial day or until another bond is posted.

This allows the bonding company to return the defendant to the jail associated with the court that the posted bond was for. It no longer allows the defendant to be returned to the jail the defendant was bonded out of, if that jail is not associated with the Court in question.