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In a surprising turn of events that has the community on high alert, four zebras escaped from a trailer in North Bend, drawing significant local attention and efforts to capture them. Three of the zebras have been corralled, but one remains elusive, sparking widespread interest and concern among residents. Local authorities and wildlife experts are working tirelessly to ensure the safe recovery of the last zebra, urging the public to maintain distance to avoid startling the animal further.

The incident began near Interstate 90 and has involved local animal control officers and residents, who have been following developments closely. The zebras were en route to a new home in Montana when they escaped, leading to an unexpected wildlife chase in the suburban area. This event not only poses challenges in terms of animal capture but also raises questions about the safety and regulation of transporting exotic animals.

As the search for the remaining zebra continues, the community remains hopeful for a positive outcome. This incident has certainly put North Bend on the map with a story that is as unusual as it is captivating.

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