It has happened to all of us.  The Court orally rules, and then you receive the written order.  The written order does not seem consistent with the oral ruling.  Assuming the Judge did not make a mistake, which ruling is the correct one.  After the ruling can a judge change their mind?

Washington is a written order state. State v. Dailey , 93 Wash.2d 454, 458-59610 P.2d 357 (1980). “[A] trial court’s oral statements are ‘no more than a verbal expression of [its] informal opinion at that time … necessarily subject to further study and consideration, and may be altered, modified, or completely abandoned.’ ” Dailey , 93 Wash.2d at 458610 P.2d 357 (quoting Ferree v. Doric Co. , 62 Wash.2d 561, 567383 P.2d 900 (1963) ).