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Introduction: Posting bail can be a crucial step in supporting a friend or family member who is incarcerated. If you need to post bail for someone at Kittitas County Jail, it’s essential to understand the process thoroughly. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to navigate the bail or bond process at Kittitas County Jail.

Step 1: Contact Kittitas County Jail for Bail Amount

  • Making the Call: Start by contacting Kittitas County Jail at 509-962-7527 to inquire about the individual’s bail amount. It’s important to have the inmate’s full name and other identifying information handy to expedite the process.

Step 2: Understanding Bail Options

  • 24/7 Facility: Remember that Kittitas County Jail operates 24/7, so you can post bail at any time.
  • No Bail Situations: In some cases, a judge might not have set a bail amount yet. This is referred to as ‘no bail’.
  • Cash/Bond Bail: If the court has set a bail amount, you have three options to post bail.

Step 3: Posting Bail at Kittitas County Jail

  1. In-Person Cash Bail:
    • Visit Kittitas County Jail’s front door with the exact cash amount for the bail.
    • Upon payment, the bail will be processed, and a receipt will be issued. The inmate will be released once the paperwork is completed.
  2. Using a Bail Bond Company:
    • Several authorized bail bond companies operate in Kittitas County. While the jail does not provide specific referrals, inmates have access to phone numbers for these companies.
    • Be aware of the non-refundable fee for using a bond company. This fee is separate from the bail amount and is an agreement between you and the bond company.
  3. Online Bail Payment:
    • Visit Allpaid ( for online bail payment using major credit, debit, or prepaid debit cards.
    • Contact Allpaid at 1-888-604-7888 or 1-877-392-2455 for personal assistance.
    • A service fee, typically 7% of the bail total, will be charged during the transaction.

Conclusion: Posting bail at Kittitas County Jail is a straightforward process, whether you choose to do it in person, through a bond company, or online. Each option has specific steps and requirements, and it’s crucial to be informed about these to ensure a smooth process. Always remember that the primary concern during this process is to aid the inmate’s release while adhering to legal and jail procedures. By following these guidelines, you can navigate the bail process efficiently and effectively at Kittitas County Jail.

You can reach the Kittitas County Jail here:,brought%20to%20the%20front%20door.

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