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Introduction: A recent study has uncovered a startling trend among private criminal defense lawyers in Philadelphia. Surprisingly, these legal professionals are missing court appearances more frequently than their own clients. This finding, spanning a decade, raises serious questions about the legal system’s reliability and effectiveness.

Key Findings from the University of Pennsylvania Law Review Study:

  • High Absence Rate: Private defense lawyers were absent in 36% of their cases over a ten-year period, a higher rate than the defendants themselves.
  • Comparative No-Show Rates: Not just lawyers, but police officers and civilian witnesses also demonstrated significant no-show rates, which could impact the outcomes of legal cases.
  • Potential Causes: The authors of the study, published in the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Law Review, point to systemic issues and logistical challenges as key reasons behind these frequent absences.
  • Seeking Solutions: The study doesn’t just highlight problems; it also proposes actionable solutions to address and reduce these concerning rates of failure to appear in court.

Implications and Further Information: The implications of these findings are far-reaching, affecting not only the legal community but also the overall justice system. To delve deeper into this issue and understand its potential impacts, visit the ABA Journal’s website for the full article here.

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